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Chill out in Wellesley with presentation on Shorebirds in Alaska

Wellesley Conservation Council 2015 Annual Meeting and Fall Presentation: “Photographs & Stories of the Shorebird Research Expedition in the Yukon River Delta, Alaska” Led by Brad Winn, Director of Shorebird Habitat Management, Wednesday, October 14th, 2015  –  7:00 PM Wellesley Free Library Wakelin Room Program to Include: * Overview of the Manomet Shorebird Recovery […]

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Talking about plastic bags will be all the fashion in Wellesley Friday night

                          This fetching model, styling the latest in plastic bag chic, is posing outside the UU of Wellesley church at 309 Washington St., to promote Friday night’s public discussion on “Plastic Bags: To Ban or Not to Ban?” from 6:30-8:30pm.  The dress designer […]

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Littering fines that even Wellesley residents can’t afford

New signs are littering scenic Pond Road in Wellesley, and while the green-and-white design isn’t particularly eye-catching, the words surely are: “No Littering — Fines up to $15,000.” That’s not even chump change for residents of Pond Road, where assessed property values range from $1.5M to $7.6M. At least one Pond Road resident made a request for […]

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State Street Pond dredged, no bodies found

This from the Town of Wellesley: It’s been a busy summer along Fuller Brook with project activities extending from Maugus Avenue almost to Brook Street. The biggest and most complicated work at this time has been dredging State Street Pond (aka Skating Pond). Nearly 150 truck trips have been made from the State Street parking […]

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Will Wellesley follow Newton with plastic bag ban?

Wellesley residents are invited to attend a meeting on Friday, Sept. 25 to explore the possibility of the town instituting a plastic bag ban as more than a dozen other Massachusetts communities have done. The free event, which takes place from 6:30-8:30pm at the Unitarian Universalists of Wellesley (309 Washington St.) will include a 45-minute […]

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Attack of the Giant Fungi in Wellesley

                            Swellesley reader BelindaH sent us this freaky photo of what I first thought were skulls, but are actually some sort of fungi, behind the tennis course near Sprague Field. (Reader MC suggests the growths are Giant Puffballs.) Truffle, a standard poodle, […]

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Wellesley RDF closed on Labor Day

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Wellesley getting cleaner and greener with Lapels

The marketing efforts of dry cleaning businesses go something like this: We’re the greenest. No we’re the greenest. No, WE’RE the greenest. And indeed, Wellesley’s newest dry cleaner, dubbed Lapels and located in the Wellesley plaza that includes Whole Foods, assures us that it is the greenest. “Lapels has pioneered its eco-friendly dry cleaning experience […]

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