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North 40 weekend: demonstrators make points, Wellesley College issues asphalt clean-up alert

Organizers of Saturday’s Save the North 40 demonstration in front of the Central Street fire station estimate 150 people stopped by during the 2-hour event to learn more about their cause: urging Wellesley College to sell its North 40 property to a conservancy that will preserve it for public use and wildlife. A key message […]

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Friends of North 40 set teach-in, demonstration for Saturday

The Friends of the North 40, a group urging Wellesley College not to sell its Weston Road/Rte. 135 property to developers, is inviting the public to join a teach-in/demonstration on Saturday, Dec. 13 at 1pm. The event will take place at the corner of Central Street and Weston Road, on the Fire House sidewalk and lawn, across […]

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Composting service seeks to worm its way into Wellesley

In Wellesley, there are three options for getting rid of fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps: throwing them down the garbage disposal, tossing them into the trash, or mixing them in with your backyard compost heap.  Of the three, the compost heap is the most environmentally friendly because the average household composting operation isn’t on a […]

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The heck with the island — new garden coming to Wellesley’s Simons Park

The town of Wellesley for years has worked to beautify the traffic island at the busy intersection of Washington Street, Wellesley Avenue and Brook Street. But try as the DPW Park & Tree Division might, the flowers and plantings usually wound up getting run over by vehicles. “The last straw came two years ago when the […]

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Wellesley North 40 supporters don’t skip a beat on Halloween

Those urging Wellesley College not to sell its North 40 property — the home to community gardens, hiking trails and open space — used Halloween to emphasize their points.   .@HKBottomly Scariest decoration I saw in #Wellesley #WellesleyCollege #North40 — Michael Tobin (@MichaelRTobin) November 1, 2014 .@wellesleyprobz @Sustainable_WC 2nd most scary decoration based on […]

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They grow mushrooms big in Wellesley these days

If you glance across the yard and see what looks like a stray soccer ball, take a closer look.  Could be that it’s actually a giant puffball mushroom, or in technical terms, a Calvatia Gigantea. This one was seen in a wooded part of a Wellesley yard, but they are also commonly found in meadows, […]

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Fuller Brook project progressing

The town of Wellesley warns that a section of the Brook Path between Forest St. and Paine St. will be closed starting Thursday, Oct. 23 and continuing until March 2015 as part of the Fuller Brook Park restoration project.  There will be signs up to indicate the pedestrian detour in the field, and the information is […]

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Wellesley gushes over new school drinking fountains

Wellesley High School last year installed a couple of newfangled drinking fountains that let you sip from a stream as usual, or fill up your water bottle via a special spigot. Anecdotally, we’d heard the students weren’t blown away by the advance initially, so I was skeptical when I recently came across a Sustainable Wellesley newsletter item […]

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