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Natural Resources Commission seeks input on proposed plastic bags bylaw

At Annual Town Meeting on March 28, the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC) will propose a bylaw banning the distribution of single-use plastic check-out bags in town. To date, 18 other communities in the Commonwealth have already approved restrictions on plastic shopping bags. The NRC is seeking feedback before finalizing the specifics of this proposal. […]

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Plastic bag haters push petition in Wellesley

Sustainable Wellesley has gone the petition route to round up more support for a move in town to ban single-use plastic check-out bags. They’re shooting for a modest 200 signatures and were more than three-quarters of the way there when we checked in on Tuesday. (As one celebrity reader pointed out to us, even […]

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Don’t mess with Wellesley

Wellesley’s Natural Resources Commission is making a plea for residents to properly dispose of their Christmas trees. Three trees were found abandoned in the woods at Kelly Memorial Park in the same place where a pile of now-decomposing trees had apparently been tossed a few years back. Volunteers dragged the newer trees to the spot shown above in front of the […]

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Wanted: new superintendent for Wellesley dump

Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility Superintendent Gordon Martin has spent the past 37 years as the key figure in town responsible for maximizing dump revenues received, and minimizing dump costs incurred by the town through the disposal of solid waste and the sale of recycled materials and compost. And have he and his team ever maximized revenues, […]

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Bootstrap Compost service worms its way into Wellesley

BOOTSTRAP COMPOST SERVICE, UPDATE: We reported around this time last year that Bootstrap Compost service was trying to gain a foothold in Wellesley by getting a critical mass of customers signed up to make it worthwhile to do business here. With almost 20 customers ready to separate their kitchen fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps into […]

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Don’t blow it off: get your leaves to the Wellesley dump

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Wellesley dump open 3 more Sundays for leaf collection

Also of interest… Why Wellesley RDF is closed most Sundays

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Strong showing by Wellesley at State House call for climate action

An interfaith group from Wellesley, including contingents from Temple Beth Elohim and Sustainable Wellesley, joined others from Massachusetts on Tuesday at the State House in urging legislators to take action to ensure clean and affordable energy. (More from the Globe here on the event.) Some have taken heart from grassroots efforts involved in the recent Keystone XL […]

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