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Wellesley parking meter enforcement guy looks downright downtrodden

I was almost moved to tears Tuesday morning seeing who I’m pretty sure was the Wellesley parking meter enforcement guy wandering around Wellesley Square seemingly in a fog, barely able to look at the meters covered with their 2-hours-of-free-parking hoodies. Keep your head up pal, it’s almost over!

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Wellesley baseball parents warned about Ouellet parking

Ouellet Field neighbors have been whining to police during the start of Wellesley Little League season about people parking on Barton Road across from their homes in violation of “No Parking Between Signs” signs (which might be clearer if they just said “No Parking Either Side of Street”). Police so far this season have kindly […]

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Idle away an hour at Wellesley movie night

Wednesday, April 30, 7:00 pm Whole Foods Market’s Community Room Does the irritating exhaust from idling cars drive you crazy? Idling has a serious impact on our health—and it has legal and financial consequences too. Come watch “IDLE THREAT: Man on Emission,” the story of one man in New York City who has decided to […]

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Holiday shoppers: Free 2- and 4-hour parking in Wellesley Square

    RELATED: 2012 Wellesley Holiday activities

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We have proof: Wellesley really is boring…

… holes in the basketball courts near Wellesley High School to make way for parking during the construction of the new school building. Nothing sadder than losing a basketball court for a parking lot other than — maybe — a little kid losing grip of his or her helium balloon at a parade.

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Wellesley High School parking website getting more interesting

The idea is that locals can rent out their driveways etc., to those desperate for parking near Wellesley High during the construction of the new school. The WHS Parking site is still in beta testing, but you’ll get the idea.

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Parking meter madness

We parked downtown on Central Street on Thursday right at the 13-mile mark of the Boston Marathon route. We went to put our money in the meter, but alas, the plastic bubble on the meter through which you read how much time is left was completely blurred by condensation inside the glass/plastic. We tossed a […]

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