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Questions about Wellesley override, senior center land purchase on May 20 ballot

The Board of Selectmen have voted to call two special elections on May 20, 2014. Both questions will appear on the same ballot: Question 1 (Referendum) – Shall the town vote to approve the action of the representative town meeting whereby it was voted to acquire the property at 494 Washington Street?         Yes     […]

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Wellesley petition targets “overpriced sale” of 494 Washington St.

A  group of Wellesley Town Meeting members, including the always politically active Roy Switzler, is pushing to get enough signatures on a petition by Tuesday that would put a referendum on the May townwide ballot regarding the town’s purchase of the property at 494 Washington St., next to the proposed senior center site adjacent to […]

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Wellesley Town Meeting says let the town decide

Wellesley Town Meeting Monday night voted yes overwhelmingly to allow voters to decide whether a $3.345 million override should be approved to fund school programs and other town services. Committee 21 gives a blow-by-blow account of  the “Gap List,” those budget items that will be cut should the override fail to be approved by the voters. […]

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Wellesley community garden going to pot?

Wellesley community gardeners have been shocked to discover that their 52 long-tended garden plots have morphed into what appears to have the makings of a giant marijuana farm.  The sun and heat-loving plants haven’t been put into the soil yet due to ongoing fears of frost, but the intention couldn’t be clearer. “The whole area was […]

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Wellesley’s Mike Heffernan nominated for State Treasurer

Wellesley resident Mike Heffernan officially accepted his party’s nomination to run for State Treasurer at the Republican Convention in Boston at the Agganis Arena on Saturday.  As the only Republican party member seeking that office, Heffernan was swept in by a raucous voice vote by the over 2,000 delegates attending the conference. Wellesley was well-represented at the […]

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Mayor Menino discusses activism at Wellesley College

Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino visited Wellesley College Monday to discuss activism with the Wellesley College Democrats organization. Wondering if he discussed the controversial “Sleepwalker” status on campus, which itself sparked activism among some Wellesley students. Also curious about whether he might go for a selfie with the sculpture before he leaves town. Either way, […]

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Live from Wellesley, latest sign of the coming Apocalypse

I am now an elected official! Won spot on Wellesley Town Meeting as a write-in. 40 Votes in precinct F – aka F Troop — Howie Carr (@HowieCarrShow) March 5, 2014

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