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Rest assured Wellesley, even McMansions probably won’t last forever

During a recent getaway to Newport, R.I., and visits to a couple of the mansions there (Marble House, The Elms), we came across a “Lost Newport” display on the many mansions that were demolished. We couldn’t help but think of the ongoing housing transition in Wellesley, where sort of the opposite is happening: Older and typically smaller homes […]

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Wellesley trees quaking in their roots as fence, caution tape go up

You know when the fencing and caution tape go up, things are about to get noisy. This photo is of the Rollins Lot that Wellesley College sold for $3.5M in October to Northland Residential, which plans to plunk down 5 houses on the 1.7 acres that sits between Cottage Street and Leighton Road. For those of you thinking […]

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Wellesley’s Great Plain Avenue development quiet no more

The Wellesley Board of Selectmen has on its docket this Monday night (Aug. 10, 8:30pm) an item titled “135 Great Plain Avenue — Subdivision Recommendation,” referring to a project that has proceeded without much fanfare but that promises to turn at least one neighbor’s world upside down. The town has received a Definitive Subdivision Application for […]

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Wellesley to get new $900K salt and sand shed, guaranteeing us a mild winter

The Wellesley Department of Public Works has secured state approval for funding under Chapter 90 to construct a $900K, 6,720 square foot building for storing all the town’s salt, de-icing, and sand-salt mix material. The Chapter 90 program provides municipalities with state funds, derived from gas taxes, on a reimbursement basis. The structure will be a high-arch gambrel […]

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Do you consider Wellesley to be part of MetroWest?

  Earlier this year I picked up a slick MetroWest Massachusetts 2015 Winter/Spring Guide brochure at a local bank branch and was surprised to see the lack of Wellesley references in there (The Cottage, Wellesley College Davis Museum were among the few). It got me thinking about whether Wellesley is even considered to be part of […]

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Down goes 494 Washington St. in Wellesley

The house at 494 Washington St., on property that the town received Wellesley residents’ okay to buy about a year ago for $1.365 million, has been demolished. Nearby orthodontist Dr. Jeffrey Lowenstein shared this photo of what was left on Wednesday afternoon. The town bought the property to improve chances of building a senior center, providing […]

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Wellesley tear downs, before and after

It’s no secret that Wellesley real estate is a hot commodity. Buildable lots come on the market so infrequently that eager buyers  with deep pockets search for low-cost homes (meaning under a million), then tear them down to make way for new, custom-built homes with all the bells and whistles. Here’s a before and after […]

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Lottery nears for affordable housing at Belclare Wellesley

UPDATE: 5/25/15: The Maloney Properties site now says that the application distribution period has ended, though you still still might want to check with them if interested. The Belclare Wellesley‘s 25 luxury condos at 580 Washington St., starting at $1.4 million, might be affordable to many in town, but the 5 truly affordable units on the old […]

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