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Wellesley restaurant review: Bertucci’s

We checked out Bertucci’s recently, a place that we’ve been to several times but never reviewed for The Swellesley Report. ¬†A couple of us felt like pizza that night, whereas a couple of us wanted more of a meal experience, so we knew the popular spot, known as Playhouse Square because it once housed a […]

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Wellesley Yogurtology opens

We wanted so much to believe that Yogurtology would open in Spring 2015, as their sign promised. But spring sprung right on by and the promised super-premium frozen treat spot remained under construction. All summer long we drove slowly by, keeping an eye on the slow-but-sure progress. One day the facade faded from the bright […]

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Wellesley’s La Riviera Gourmet closes cafe, keeps on catering

            La Riviera Gourmet¬†cafe at 390 Washington St., stated on its Facebook page in mid-July that it would be closing the cafe for part of the summer, re-opening on Aug. 24, but continuing to cater. But Aug. 24 has come and gone and the cafe remains closed. Responses to our […]

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Nick’s Pizza House in Wellesley still under renovation

We noticed back in late June that Nick’s Pizza House was closed, and the sign in the window cited renovations as the reason. A call to their Natick location didn’t glean us any additional information, but we’ve heard that there may be a change in ownership coming. Until then, find something to fill the void […]

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Patriots player backs Perdoni family, Old School Pizzeria

WEEI sports reports (via Wellesley’s own Chris Price) that New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich is continuing to support the Perdoni family in the wake of Joe Perdoni, Jr.’s death earlier this year. Ninkovich has been a regular at Perdoni’s Old School Pizzeria in Wellesley Square, and had the Perdoni family as guests at the […]

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Update: Green’s Hardware and Nick’s House of Pizza

Green’s Hardware, which briefly closed to deal with ceiling repairs, is back open as of today. So if you’ve been procrastinating about getting your own household repairs done because you didn’t want to schlep all the way to Home Depot for supplies, no more excuses. A little further down Washington St., a sign on the […]

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Wellesley pizza place under renovation

I was shopping over by Nick’s Pizza House at 263 Washington St. and saw that it was closed for remodeling, according to a sign in the window. The sign at the long-time pizza joint, located near Marathon Sports and Your French Gift, didn’t give a hint about when it might reopen. If it’s typically Nick’s […]

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Restaurant review: sneaking over the Wellesley border to Heritage in Sherborn

Only for you, dear readers, would I force my family to leave Wellesley and cross over into the wilds of Sherborn. I know, I know, I’m the one who says, “Sherborn? They’re dead to us,” if anyone dares suggest that we expand our horizons just a tad by covering events in other towns. And strictly […]

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