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Snapchat: Swellesley has yet another social media account

The Swellesley Report has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and even Google+ social media accounts, some more active than others. We even dabbled in Yik Yak last year when it became a disruptive force at Wellesley High. Now we also have a Snapchat account under the handle “Swellesley”. Yeah, the sort-of self-destructing photo sharing app has been hot for […]

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Here come the drones, Wellesley

It’s another very special Spring edition of WellesleyWeston Magazine: You can read my article (starting on page 68) about commercial and hobbyist drones coming to the ‘burbs, including Wellesley and Weston. Thanks very much to the editors for accepting my pitch. The timing on this piece was good: When I started it back in the fall I […]

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JrCode Academy comes to Wellesley

When a couple of Wellesley moms wanted to expose their fifth-grade daughters to computer coding, they went online and did an intro to coding class together. Their kids loved it and came home after school every day eager to do more. When they finished the online class, moms Ruth Keyes and Nicole Zajec searched for […]

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Wellesley High sophs get inside minds of hackers

Given the rate at which attackers are messing with computer networks these days, the world could use a few more ethical (“white hat”) hackers. It looks as if some Wellesley High School students are ready to answer the call. A team of five WHS sophomores recently competed in the U.S. Air Force’s CyberPatriot national computer security competition […]

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Wellesley producer intros kids and parents to Ruff ideas about social media, tech

Wellesley’s Bill Shribman, who runs the kids digital team at WGBH, has launched a new interactive web series for PBS Kids that explores the ever-changing world of media and technology (including the sorts of tech safety issues that have been the subject of presentations to students and parents in Wellesley this week). Starring a pear-shaped dog, […]

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Wellesley High grads’ bright computer lighting idea gets real

A startup formed by a crew of recent Wellesley High grads and now college students, who in June won a Boston hackathon, have now turned their idea for an easier-on-the-eyes computer experience into a tangible product. Antumbra on Thursday launched a limited beta sale of Glow, a small gadget that attaches to the back of […]

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