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Adopt a Wellesley fire hydrant

As the Department of Public Works (DPW) mobilizes for the first significant winter storm of 2015, the DPW and Wellesley Fire-Rescue Department are asking for your assistance in clearing fire hydrants of snow in your neighborhood. There are over 1,400 hydrants in Wellesley and each one is potentially vital in the event of an emergency. […]

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Good morning, Wellesley

From Wellesley’s Chris Cavallerano, who turns hot water into snow.

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Flooding hits Wellesley

Wellesley police were busy helping motorists get around town on Monday in the wake of flash floods on Rte. 9 and across other parts of town, including Wellesley Square. Officer Joseph on Rt. 9 after helping a motorist out of his flooded vehicle today is the #WPD Photo of the Day — Wellesley Police […]

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Wild Wellesley Wednesday weather

Thanks to Wellesley resident Bill Shribman, who knows a thing or two about photography, for sending this video starring some spooky weather and his dog Nellie over at Kelly Fields near Bates Elementary School. Shribman wrote: “I think it felt more dramatic in person but you can really see the wind pick up and swirl upwards. […]

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Sundials of Wellesley

Sundials make for good photos, so we’ve been taking pictures of the ones we run across in Wellesley. The top one is from a courtyard at Wellesley College and next two are photos of the sundial near the Whitin Observatory at the college. The bottom two  are photos of the sundial at the Wellesley Free […]

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Move over Al Roker: Have you seen Wellesley’s awesome new weatherman?

Who needs Al Roker or Harvey Leonard? There’s a new weatherman in Wellesley, and his name is Jake Maulin: the personal trainer is promoting his local business on Wellesley Media while spreading the word on living healthy and taking advantage of nice weather when you can.

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Collateral damage from snowstorm in Wellesley

Reader EM writes that she was feeling miffed about re-shoveling the end of her driveway every time the plow went by yesterday and created a new barrier. That is until she saw this mailbox, the apparent victim of aggressive plowing, on Great Plain Avenue just south of Brook Street.

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Wellesley gets behind Ms. G for State Groundhog

Hunnewell Elementary students in Wellesley are getting a lesson about animals, weather and politics all wrapped into one as they campaign to elect Ms. G, a 12-year-old groundhog at Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, to the post of State Groundhog. The kids will have a chance this Wednesday  at 1pm to make […]

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