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Wellesley summer jobs

summerGot a summer job opportunity in Wellesley for teens and/or college students back in town for the summer? Let us know ([email protected]) and we can post them here.

Let’s keep it simple: Organization name, job type, contact info, any other relevant info you want to include (hours, days, $).



Wellesley jobs:


POSTED 4/8/15: The Town of Wellesley recognizes the need to provide outstanding maintenance and operation services in its school and town buildings through its Facilities Maintenance Department (FMD). The FMD manages twenty buildings totaling over a million square feet, with a staff of 70 and an operating budget of over $7 million, plus a major capital projects budget.  The Town seeks outstanding candidates who are hard-working, ambitious, and committed to working in a team environment.

Presently we are seeking individuals to assist our custodial staff in summer cleaning of schools.  We are seeking hard working candidates that can follow verbal & written directions, work independently and possess a strong work ethic.  Positions may start as early as June 22nd (must be able to start no later than July 1st) and last until late August.  Individuals must be able to work a minimum seven week period. Full time seasonal work is available, no weekend or holiday hours are required and preference will be given to candidates who apply that are 18 years old or older.  All work is conducted between the hours of 6:30am and 3:00pm, Monday through Friday and the hourly rate is $9.50/hour for new hires.  Preference is given to Wellesley residents. Interested candidates should send an application no later than May 8, 2015. Candidates must be available for interviews which will be conducted at FMD Offices.  Applications can be found at http://www.wellesleyma.gov/Pages/WellesleyMA_HR/application .  Applications can be submitted via fax at 781-446-6207 or by mail to Wellesley Facilities, Attn: Meghan Bond, 40 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley MA 02482.  Applications may also be emailed as a Word document or PDF to [email protected]. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer



JOB RESOURCES (note: you’re probably going to need to refine the filter on these sites to target Wellesley since most sites include listings for a wider geographical area):

Barefoot Student

Craigslist Jobs in Boston area

Help Around Town






Wellesley Chamber of Commerce

Wellesley Youth Commission


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