Defending the dump

Local writer Lisa Keenan has come to the defense of the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility’s Take It or Leave It area and residents who frequent it. A recent NPR report on the RDF predictably focuses on the idea of wealthy people leaving treasures at the dump and other rich people picking through those treasures to dress up their summer home (Here’s how NPR summarizes its report: Bargain hunters in the toniest suburbs are pulling up in their cars to pick through their neighbors’ trash and making off with everything from Weber grills to valuable old books. The competition has become fierce for “shopping” at the dump. The NPR story generated some listener feedback that was less than kind toward Wellesleyites (including some obligatory money bashing).

Keenan writes on The Huffington Post that the notion of dump devotees finding truly valuable items at the Take It or Leave It area every day is a stretch. She also notes that people aren’t always taking things for themselves, sometimes directing the goods towards friends in need or charities.