And now for a brief technical update, especially for those using Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browsers

We’ve been ironing out some of the kinks in the new technology we’re using to support The Swellesley Report. One thing we’ve heard from some of you is that those of you using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (also called IE6) as a Web browser are seeing some overlapping columns and general funkiness (to figure out which version you have, click on the Help tab at the top of your screen and scroll down to About Internet Explorer…click on that and a window will pop up that tells you which version you have. Just wanted to let you know we are working on fixing this. And not to get too technical on you, but you might want to consider moving to IE Version 7 (Microsoft is actually readying version 8, but you’re probably best off letting them fine-tune that first). Making the switch is pretty easy even for the non-technically inclined.  Of course, you could also consider switching over to Mozilla Firefox.