Wellesley College Davis Museum director bails


David Mickenberg, under fire since word leaked out recently that the Wellesley College Davis Museum and Cultural Center couldn’t find a valuable Fernand Leger painting, has resigned, according to this Globe article. He joined the museum 7 years ago from a Northwestern University art museum and was hailed at the time by Wellesley College’s then-president for his “impressive record of achievement,” including his bringing of technology-based projecs to the Block Museum of Art (something he also brought to the Davis Museum, along with other well-received exhibits). The Globe story says that Wellesley College president Kim Bottomly shared the news with faculty yesterday but didn’t mention anything about the missing cubist painting, “Woman and Child.” Mickenberg reportedly is pursuing the dreaded “other opportunities.” Maybe he could help Wellesley Booksmith out with its upcoming scavenger hunt?