Kaps feeling economic woes

Don’t mean to give the Kaps menswear stores a free plug, but they’re sounding pretty desperate. From the looks of the big ads in their windows on Central St. in Wellesley and in the newspaper you could almost mistake the retailer for one of those “Going Out of Business!” Oriental rug joints. A big ad in the front section of today’s Boston Globe exclaims that Kaps is having an “unprecedented” sale of up to 50% off merchandise in light of “an unstable economy and troubled times” that has “forced us to re-examine our business” in order to raise cash. Kaps has been around since the late 19th century.

And speaking of the economy, Babson’s Michael Chmura reflects on the writiings of the school’s founder, Roger Babson, including his book “Cheer Up!” that in 1932 encouraged those suffering from the Great Depression that “prosperity always returns.”