Wellesley High principal attempts to clear air on Facebook/drinking episode

Wellesley High principal Andrew Keough recapped the actions of two weeks ago after he received an anonymous email containing photos from a WHS Facebook page of what appeared to be “risky/illegal” behavior on the part of students. The incident involved students being called into administrative offices as part of an investigation that had students crying in hallways and some parents scrambling to delete their kids’ Facebook accounts. Keough says the situation was awkward for him in that while he doesn’t believe in getting into students’ outside business, he does have certain responsibilities for the behavior of student-athletes that require him to report possible code-of-conduct infractions. He said the situation took on a life of its own, with rumors of arrests and “two foot stacks of photos” swirling (neither proved true). In the end, “students receiving consquences represented less than one percent of the student body…,” he wrote.