New fire engine on the way


We’re still not sure who the new Wellesley fire chief will be, but one thing we do know is that the fire department has a new engine on the way.

The Seagrave Engine/Pumper cost $475,000 and is scheduled to be delivered in late summer. Deputy Chief Rick DeLorie tells us that he and a Lieutenant trekked to Wisconsin “to review construction plans and final layout of equipment inside and outside the vehicle to maintain consistency of the location of equipment with the rest of our apparatus. The new engine meets several new D.O.T. safety requirement such as led lights, N.F.P.A. standard for chevron reflective stripping on the rear, a built-in foam tank to deal with fuel fires or leaks ( cars and truck accidents).”

The new engine will replace a 1991 Pierce vehicle as a front line engine operating from the Weston Road Station. Such vehicles typically last for about 15 years, though can hang around longer as a backup.

In light of the recent fatal accident involving a firefighter in Boston, we asked DeLorie about Wellesley’s maintenance program. “The overall vehicle maintenance at Wellesley Fire meets or exceeds the manufacturers’ recommendations for inspection, service and parts replacement. We are fortunate to have a fulltime mechanic that services the fire apparatus, command vehicles, boat and specialized equipment. Issues with any equipment beyond his capabilities are sent out for service to authorized dealers. Some equipment is tested by outside companies for ladders, Scuba’s, vehicle inspections to meet safety compliance requirements.”