Tuesday night in Wellesley: Author John Elder Robison to Discuss Life with Asperger's Syndrome

From Wellesley College:


John Elder Robison grew up with Asperger’s syndrome -a high-functioning form of autism – at a time when a diagnosis didn’t exist. While he struggled to fit in at home and school, he had a rare insight into machines and electronics. Before he learned the name of his condition at age 40, his acute skill would lead him to jobs designing special-effects guitars for the rock band KISS, creating toys for Milton Bradley and ultimately founding a multi-million dollar car specialty shop.

Robison, The New York Times bestselling author of Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s, will discuss living according to one’s gifts, not limitations, during a lecture Tuesday, March 10, at 7 pm in Tishman Commons, Wang Center, on the Wellesley College campus.