Wellesley’s latest Perrin Park controversy: Purebreds vs. mutts

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Just when it seemed Wellesley officials and town residents had worked out a peaceful solution for divvying up Perrin Park between dog owners and people who don’t want to be pestered by dogs, a new brouhaha has erupted.

Purebred dog owners are fuming that their pooches need to share designated off-leash hours with assorted mutts.

One dog walker who asked to remain anonymous told us: “I will not have my little Warren and Buffet frolicking with these mongrels. I’d rather walk my dogs around Lake Waban and take my chances with the flashers. I swear, it looks like these people got their curs at the Give and Take area of the dump.”

Owners of the park’s mangier visitors aren’t backing down, however. “Perrin Park is not the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Our dogs can romp where they want to romp. And hey, if we can marry up our dogs, why not?”

Wellesley’s Natural Resources Commission could not be reached for comment by press time.

More yoga studios headed to Wellesley?


Given that Wellesleyites just can’t get enough yoga and really do need to relax, word is that several established businesses in town are looking to branch out with studios of their own to compete with established outfits such as Laughing Dog Yoga and newer entries such as A Little Yoga and H.Y.P. Studio (which is scheduled to open around now)

Truly Yogurt has declined to comment on speculation it is considering a name change to Truly Yoga. The first hint that something might be up, though,  was the addition of “Meditative Melon” and “Luscious Lemon Lotus” flavors to its ice cream menu.

What’s more, Roche Bros. is said to be carving out space in its organics aisles for a yoga studio (“Since no one eats that stuff anyway,” quipped one employee). Not to be outdone, Wellesley College is rumored to be converting part of the Margaret Ferguson Greenhouses into a hothouse yoga studio.

Adding to the yoga frenzy, Panera Bread, which recently withdrew its proposal to set up shop in Linden Square due to town restrictions, is said to be considering giving it another go, with a combination bread and yoga studio dubbed “Knead Yoga.”

New facility to accommodate high school seniors, senior citizens

The latest effort by those looking to build a new senior center in Wellesley involves appealing to young and old by gearing the facility toward the town’s senior citizens as well as high schoolers in their final year.

“The fact is they have a lot in common,” said one town official who supports the plan. “Like the Wii.”

What’s more, many of the senior citizens no longer drive, freeing up precious parking spaces for the high school seniors.

One student says he looks forward to learning from his elders as well as teaching them a few things. “They can show us old movies like ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and we can show them ‘Superbad'”

The proposed new facility would be an extension of the new high school and incorporate cherished portions of the 1938 high school building, including the historic brick-lined shuffleboard court.

Your Ultra Hyper Wicked Local Wellesley website coming soon to town

The Boston Globe and GateHouse Media, owner of the Wellesley Townsman, have apparently patched things up in the wake of their recent legal spat surrounding copyright rules and are going to be joining forces with each other and Google on a new hyperlocal website called Your Ultra Hyper Wicked Local Wellesley.

“Wellesleyites have an insatiable appetite to read about themselves, and especially their children, who just don’t get enough attention otherwise,” said one official for the Globe, which used to cover Boston and once in a while, even the Globe. “It’s not enough for them to read or see the same story in the Townsman, MetroWest Daily News, Globe, Herald, Wellesley Channel and other local news outlets. They need an even closer examination of the town’s doings on a street-by-street, house-by-house or even room-by-room level.”

Using Google’s satellite photography technology, Your Ultra Hyper Wicked Local Wellesley will have cameras that can peer into residents’ kitchens and other “newsy” areas in an informative yet tactful manner. “What neighbor doesn’t want to see what others have hanging on their refrigerator doors or inside their medicine cabinets?” a GateHouse official Tweeted.

For more on all of these stories, especially if you buy any of them, please consult this swell web page.

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