Wellesley Swine Flu update: several Sprague School students have it

Sprague Elementary School officials informed parents today that “The Wellesley Health Department notified us that several Sprague School students have confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza.” Word is that 5th graders passed it along during their Thompson Island trip.

The sick students will remain home for the recommended 7 days from onset of illness, according to Sprague’s principal and school nurse. The Department of Public Health is no longer calling for school closings in the wake of confirmed or suspected flu cases.  Parents should contact the school nurse if they have questions at 781 263 1965 ext. 502.

One parent pondered: Wonder if soccer and lacrosse games at the Sprague Fields will be played without fans this week?

Earlier this week Wellesley College notified its community that a case of the flu was confirmed on its campus, though the individual had fully recovered.

More on the flu from the CDC.