Grossman's nature preserve?

2009grossmans bunny

A few weeks back when we called attention to the shiny new fence erected to cover up the Wellesley Inn hole, a reader wrote to say: That’s swell, but how come we can’t get the owner of the old Grossman’s lot to do something similar.

Well, the problem is that the town had leverage over the Wellesley Inn property developer, who was looking for an extension to get their project done. But in the case of the Grossman’s lot, National Development is ready to go ahead with its project, but is hung up for legal reasons.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but notice recently that the Grossman’s lot has gotten awfully green, with a plethora of bushes and trees sprouting all over the place, nearly covering the front sign. And in fact, we spotted a bunch of bunnies jumping around, including the one seen here.