Spiffing up the former Wellesley Inn site


Diners at Blue Ginger now have a much nicer view thanks to a new white fence being erected to cover up the chain link fence and dust bowl where the Wellesley Inn once stood. Gussying up the area was part of the deal struck by the town and the outfit looking to build a housing/retail complex on the site. We’ll miss seeing the tumbleweeds blowing across the vacant lot, but I guess we can’t have it all.


Now, if only those in charge of the Rte. 9/16 bridge project could get their act together. The project is listed on the Mass Highway Department website as being on track to finish this summer. The latest: “The contractor is awaiting fabrication/delivery of remaining beams. Once the material is received, the contractor will proceed with next phase of project. (as of 06/12/2009)”