Update on Cheney Bridge at Elm Bank Reservation


Dropped by the DCR’s public meeting Thursday night regarding the project to refurbish the Cheney Bridge, the 60-foot bridge built in 1897 that provides access from Rte. 16 into Elm Bank Reservation on the Wellesley/Dover/Natick lines. A whopping 3 residents showed up, and were outnumbered by DCR officials and others involved in the project, which has received funding under the $3 billion Accelerated Bridge Program launched in the state earlier this year. Anyway, a few highlights:

* Work by the painters is slated to start as soon as next week, pending permits. Painting should be done by late July-early August.

* Work to improve drainage and replace missing mortar will take place

* The bridge will remain open to traffic throughout the project, and those wishing to cross won’t have to wait more than 5 minutes at any time to do so. River passage will also be maintained throughout the project for small watercraft.

* Corroded railings and light posts will be restored offsite over an estimated 8-10 week period and replica lights/new electrical system will be installed. Goal is to wrap that up by end of September.

* The whole project is scheduled to be done by mid-October.