Fingerprints as art at Babson


A new art exhibit called Delirium II opening at Babson College on Oct.22 and running through Dec. 18 will feature enlarged fingerprints as art. The project is the work of Elshafei Dafalla Mohamed, who is an artist and human rights activist who will visit Babson for a three-week residency.

According to Babson, his original Delirium project “has been created from a collection of over 250 fingerprint stamps collected from friends and acquaintances of African, European, Asian, and American backgrounds. For Delirium II, Elshafei will be expanding that group of friends and acquaintances as he collects fingerprint stamps from members of the Babson community. They will then be scanned, magnified, and printed onto 16”x16” canvases. At this scale, the fingerprint whorls reference an abstracted head and shoulders portrait. These fingerprint portraits presented en masse speak simultaneously to our individuality, our interconnected humanity, and the impact we have on the world and one another.”

Wonder if this exhibit could be of interest to local crimefighters?