Wellesley police made 17% more traffic stops in 2009 than 2008

The Wellesley Police Department has issued a note summing up its year by the numbers, and among the ones that really jump out are:

* Wellesley Police officers made 8,483 traffic stops for motor vehicle violations in 2009, compared to 7,247 stops in 2008. This was a 17% increase in the amount of traffic stops, and shows a daily average of about 23 car stops per day. Not sure if related, but traffic accidents documented fell from 781 to 731, including one on the last day of the year.

* Arrests increased from 193 to 227 last year, while criminal complaints boomed from 293 to 410 (these involve an offender not being arrested but summonsed to appear in court).

* Calls for service fell from 26,807 to 25,620.