Wellesley cupcake invasion

2010cupcakes_optLast year we had the Wellesley yoga studio invasion. This year: cupcakes.

Five Bites Cupcakes opened late last year at 141 Linden St. in Wellesley and now an outfit out of Somerville with the appetizing name Kickass Cupcakes is moving right down the street to team up with the existing Gelato Cafe. Like Five Bites, Kickass boasts of the artistry and tastiness of its treats. Lemon Snap, Bubbly (as in champagne) and Red Velvet are among the flavors from Kickass. Oh yeah, and deep fried.

Of course, there are already a host of other cupcake sellers in town, from Rosie’s to SuSu’s to Quebrada (which has a spiffy new website, by the way).  So we look forward to seeing what Kickass will offer to set itself apart. We already know they hold cupcake happy hours featuring cocktail-flavored mini cupcakes.

Kickass’s Sara Ross says it’s quite possible a special Wellesley cupcake could be in the offing (“The Somerville Sensation” was the winner of a contest at the company’s Somerville location). We’re thinking Wellesley Fudge would be a natural flavor for that.

One good thing to know is that Kickass delivers cupcakes, and although it already does so west of Boston, it will now be able to do so in Wellesley, Natick, Framingham, Needham, etc., with local delivery charges.

Let the taste and price wars begin!