Wellesley High investigates more graffiti

The Globe reports that Wellesley High has informed parents and students that more offensive graffiti has been discovered at the school, and school-wide meetings are planned for Friday to address the issue.

Dear WHS Parents and Guardians,

As you know, in recent weeks we have been spending time here in school discussing the effects of recent harmful graffiti. Unfortunately, some scrawling has continued to show up in various locations throughout the building, and this has prompted a call to action by the staff and student body. We are collectively responding.

Today, senior students spoke over the PA about the actual incidents that have taken place since the original graffiti and tomorrow we will come together as a school to process what our core value of, Respecting Human Differences looks like in reality. We will have an all school meeting consisting of staff and student testimonials and will then break into thirds to provide the student body with further opportunities to be heard.

Our plan is to leave the meetings with at least ten actions that we as a community can take to combat racism and marginalization in our school.

We expect the meetings to be emotionally charged, but nevertheless important conversations about who we are as a school, and who we are striving to be as a community of learners. I am confident that the experience will be positive, but wanted you to be aware that it was taking place. Please be assured that the students will be supported throughout this process and will be given the opportunity to opt out of the discussions, or seek additional counseling, if they so choose.

I hope you will join us in following up on the conversations with your children and will continue to support the core values of our school district. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.


Andrew W. Keough, Ed.D.
Wellesley High School

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