Wellesley parade photos

2010hunnewellfairmay 105_optOK, our timing was a little off getting over to the parade on our bikes, so we missed the WWII vets and some of the other headliners. The first sight we came across was an army tank (one of the riders was smoking, which we found curious).

2010hunnewellfairmay 083_opt

Our most classic picture of the day was U.S. Congressman Barney Frank being escorted by a creature on rollerblades. Those monsters were a nice addition to the parade.

2010hunnewellfairmay 098_opt

Loved hearing a bunch of kids issuing “Candy Alert!” then charging down the hill in front of Town Hall to battle for Tootsie Rolls, etc.

2010hunnewellfairmay 084_opt

Gotta give credit to the numerous marchers who were carrying kids on their backs.

2010hunnewellfairmay 088_opt

2010hunnewellfairmay 086_opt

Thanks to Wellesley’s Heather M for passing along these photos (never realized Uncle Sam was so small).


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