Wellesley’s Gelato Cafe shuts down suddenly

Gelato Cafe, Wellesley MA

We got flooded with emails last night and this morning from people who tried to go to Gelato Cafe yesterday in Linden Square in Wellesley MA. One reader said he was about the last customer on Friday, at about 9:45pm, with the shop closing shortly afterward and then emptying out on Saturday morning.

Those who visited Saturday were met with a sign reading: “Due to circumstances beyond our control. The Gelato Cafe is closed immediately.  We hope to come back to Wellesley soon.”

Gelato Cafe sign

One reader noted it didn’t seem to be a pest issue, as a fading Kickass Cupcakes sign remained along with some cupcakes.

The owner told one reader the cafe was closing due to a lease issue.

We had actually emailed Gelato Cafe about a month ago to ask if the Cafe was going anywhere because we noticed it was no longer listed on a real estate map for Linden Square. Bill Lau, the owner, emailed us back saying:

“I think the list is outdated because I noticed Blue Tulip on it and they have closed about a year ago. The Gelato Cafe is still there, in the same spot!”

If Gelato is serious about moving elsewhere in town, there’s no shortage of empty storefronts, though not all of them allow food.

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