Wellesley College Theatre presents “Sonia Flew”

Sonia Flew, Wellesley College theatre

Sonia Flew, written by Wellesley College faculty member Melinda Lopez, opens Nov. 10 a the Ruth Nagel Jones Theater on the Wellesley College campus.

To protect their daughter from the Communist regime, Sonia’s parents sent her to the United States during the Cuban revolution and she never saw them again. Thirty years later and living in the Midwest, Sonia, a fiercely devoted mother of two, has created a home that embraces her own cultural traditions along with her husband’s Jewish religion. However, after her son decides to join the army three months after 9/11, Sonia combats grief and terrifying feelings of abandonment through political forces that once again threaten to shatter her family. Set in Minneapolis in 2001 and Cuba in 1961, Sonia Flew questions parental sacrifice, familial responsibility and patriotism in times when worlds collide.

Sonia Flew” won the Elliot Norton Award for “Best New Play” and the IRNE (Independent Reviewers of New England) for “Best Play” and “Best Production.” It has been produced at the Huntington Theatre, Coconut Grove Playhouse, the Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Laguna Playhouse, the Summer Playwrights Festival in New York, the Milagro Theatre and the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Performance Dates: Wednesday, November 10 @ 7 pm; Thursday, November 11 @ 7 pm; Friday, November 12 @ 8 pm; Saturday, November 13 @ 8 pm; Sunday, November 14 @ 2 pm

Ticket prices are $10 general admission and $5 for Senior Citizens and Students. Free to the Wellesley College Community with ID; Free to students with Wellesley, Babson, or Olin ID.  To purchase tickets call the Box Office at (781)-283-2000 or email ksvirksy@wellesley.edu The theatre is handicap accessible.  For disability services contact Jim Wice @ 781-283-2434

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