Wellesley Little League out to save young arms

Wellesley Little League is making available an Arm Care Seminar video to little leaguers and their parents in an effort to head off injuries going into next season.

The hour-long video features  Dr. Donald Bae,  an orthopedic surgeon from Childrens’ Hospital who specializes in arm injuries, and Carl Gustafson, owner of Sports and Physical Therapy in Wellesley. The seminar covers the physical aspects of throwing and how to build up strength in the arm and other parts of the body essential for safe pitching and throwing.

Go to  www.wellesylittleleague.org and click on the Coaching tab near the top. The last item in the drop down box is the Arm Care Seminar. As an added incentive to watch the seminar, WLL is offering a year worth of no fees to one of the players who views this seminar. One lucky winner will be drawn from those who sign in and watch before Jan 15 2011.

Address questions/comments to Patrick Doyle, WLL Safety Officer at patrick.doyle@raveis.com

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