Wellesley Special Town Meeting: One and done

Wellesley Middle School

Wellesley Town Meeting members dispatched the agenda items for Monday night’s Special Town Meeting with an efficiency not much unlike that displayed by the Patriots in their win over the Jets last night.

After two-and-a-half hours, all motions were passed, including an amended one to spend $1.75 million to renovate Wellesley Middle School to accommodate more students over the next few years. Middle School construction is slated to start this summer.

As the Globe reports, the original motion was to spend $1.6 million on the project, but the additional funds are needed to free up another 1,600 sq. ft. by ditching outdated lecture halls for more modern space.

Topics such as early retirement, library expenses and a clock tower fix-up were also addressed. For Town Meeting scorecard with all the details click here.

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