Wellesley Public Schools’ snow day game plan

Wellesley School Superintendent Bella Wong says that with the school system one snow day away from its maximum number before school days needed to be added, a plan is being put in place for when those days would be tacked on if we get whacked with another school closing storm.

Wellesley has had 4 no school days due to snow and inclement weather, and one more would trigger the need to add days back.

“The possible options are to shorten upcoming school vacations in February or April, hold school on Saturdays, or add to the end of the year. Since we started school early before Labor Day, I hope you agree that the better, least disruptive, option is to add days to the end of the year. ”

Notices about the contingency plans are being sent to parents and staff. One other note: Wellesley High School graduation will remain June 3 — unless of course we get hit with a blizzard that day.

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