Crazy night/morning in Wellesley

Apparently people in this area forgot how to drive in the snow since the last storm. Thursday night/Friday morning’s snow and rain kept the Wellesley Police Department hopping, as summarized in this note from the WPD:

02:19 a.m. officer observed damage to fence line at 371 Worcester Street and signs at the intersection of Rte 9 West/Oakland had been struck as well.  Vehicle was no longer at the scene.

03:31 a.m. motorist reported a 1 car MVA on Rte 9 West near Fire HQ.  MV had struck the wall and a female party was outside the MV.  MV was towed from the scene and female party was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

03:39 a.m. report from AAA that a motorist had struck a guard rail on Wellesley Ave/Hewins Farm.  Motorist had left the area, refused medical treatment and drove the vehicle to Babson College.

06:45 a.m. motorist reported that she had slid on Rte 9 East near Edmunds striking the guardrail and then another motor vehicle.  No injuries, minor damage to both motor vehicles.

06:46 a.m. AAA reported property damage to pole 29 on Brook Street, motorist slid on Brook Street and struck the utility pole damaging the side of his vehicle, no injuries.  WMLP was notified to check the pole.

07:16 a.m. report of a tree down Washington Street at Walnut Street.  An officer responded and removed the tree branch from the roadway

07:47 a.m. report of a past hit and run motor vehicle crash where there was minor damage to the side mirror on the vehicle.

08:05 a.m. report of a large tree down across Berkshire Road.  Tree was blocking both sides of the roadway.  Park and Tree were called and responded to remove the tree.

08:24 a.m. report of a 2 car MVA on Weston Road/Elmwood Road.  Medics responded to evaluate parties involved and 1 was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.