Wellesley rumbles over 5.9 magnitude earthquake

Wellesley Police report that aftershocks from the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the southern area of Washington DC and northern Virginia are being felt in the metro Wellesley area (the police aren’t aware of any local damage/injuries).

One Twitter user, @Dionysia8, tweeted: “Yes! I’m in Wellesley and the whole office building shook”

A visitor to The Swellesley Report Facebook page wrote: “It just felt like a big truck driving by on a bumpy road. It was quick, though.”

Local “dogger” Tucker wrote that he slept through the event, though must have felt it since he was roused and shortly afterward demanded a walk on the Brook Path.

One thing’s for sure: the quake was a good first test for the new Whole Foods Market building that underwent superfast construction in recent months, weeks and days!

According to one source citing the US Geological Survey, the largest earthquake within 100 miles of Wellesley of late was a 4.8 shaker in 1982, although the Boston Globe reported Wellesley feeling the effects of a 5.4 magnitude quake in January of 1982.

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