Boloco burritos coming to Wellesley

Boloco Wellesley

Boloco, a fast-growing burritos restaurant based out of Boston, hopes to open in Wellesley by next spring.

Company CEO John Pepper tells CitybizlistBoston that it plans to add 6 restaurants between now and the end of next year, including 1 each in Waltham and Wellesley (exact location unclear but most likely in Wellesley Square near those hungry firefighters). Boloco already has a spot in Natick on Rte. 9 and has publicly been hinting about a Wellesley opening since at least April.

In addition to selling a wide variety of burritos, Boloco also offers salads, wraps, smoothies and more. Pepper said in the interview that only 18% of what it sells is Mexican food.

Still, B0loco (whose stores used to be called The Wrap) should give some competition to Wellesley’s other primary burrito source, Qdoba, in Linden Square.

(Boloco already has won me over by listing its press releases under a Bore Me heading on its website home page.)

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