RIP Steve Jobs, from Wellesley, where Apple is king

Wellesley has been the beneficiary of Apple’s Steve Jobs’ creations as much as anywhere around here. A survey earlier this year showed that more than a third of computers in Wellesley are from Apple, which at the time had about 7% of the US market.

And one Wellesley doctor tweeted Wednesday night, appropriately: “Found out about Steve Jobs passing on my iPad. RIP Steve.”

Wellesley’s Dr. John Halamka, a healthcare organization CIO, writes of his interactions with Steve Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during Halamka’s days at Stanford University.  It turns  out Halamka met the pair at the Stanford Computer Club and saw early versions of Apple’s earliest products. Halamka, who remembers Jobs for really making a difference, says he is on the verge of retiring his BlackBerry phone to move to Apple’s new iPhone 4S.

As for me, I heard about Jobs’ death shortly after returning from the HQ opening for Mobiquity, a Wellesley company whose very existence came about in large part due to mainstream adoption of mobile devices from Apple.

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