Boston Magazine can’t resist Wellesley’s celebrity chefs

Boston Magazine cover

Wellesley’s Blue Ginger and Alta Strada have cracked Boston Magazine’s list of 50 Best Restaurants featured in the November issue of the magazine (and appearing in full in on the website later this month). The PR pitch from Boston Magazine to highlight the Wellesley winners:

Wellesley’s own Blue Ginger was included in this year’s list. More than 13 years after Ming Tsai first came on the scene with his nuanced take on Asian-French fusion, it’s nice to see that the sole restaurant in the multimedia Tsai empire still earns raves. Additionally Chef Michael Schlow of Wellesley’s Alta Strada isn’t exactly a quiet-suburbs kind of restaurateur. Come for the exceptional food like the tender pistachio-topped sacchetti and stay for the family-friendly delightfully cozy feel.

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