Update on Wellesley neighborhood house break-ins

The Wellesley Police Department gave us an update on the break-in activity we mentioned earlier this week in the Brook/Fuller Brook/Radcliffe area of Wellesley.

These are the specifics on break-ins reported:

07/25 – Brook Street house break-in, there was no forced entry into residence. The break-in was believed to have occurred at some point during a 3-day period preceding 7/25. Pieces of jewelry were taken.

8/15 – Amherst Road house break-in, forced entry likely through a door where a window pane was broken. Large amount of change taken from kitchen area. Other items of value were left untouched.

11/14 – Fuller Brook Road house break-in, there was forced entry through a door. Police are waiting information about what was taken from the residence, though it does appear some jewelry may have been taken. There were items of value left untouched.

In all 3 breaks it does not appear that anyone was home when they occurred. Although in this week’s police report in the Townsman, a Radcliffe Road man reported suspicious activity — someone rang his doorbell several times, he figured it was kids fooling around, but found a man in a baseball cap and waist-length jacket run around the side of his house.

Police are urging residents to lock all doors and windows whether their homes are occupied or not, and to take other precautions such as stopping mail/paper delivery if away, putting lights/TVs on timers, etc.