Wellesley family publishes homespun doggie tales

Follow the Dog Home

Wellesley’s Bob, Samantha and Kevin Walsh this month have published what sounds like a wholesome book called Follow the Dog Home that recounts stories of one extended family’s life with 17 dogs over 70 years and three generations.

The big hook for the book is that Kevin was walking his German Shepherd named Beverly in town a while back only to find out that the dog was drawn to a home that unbeknownst to Kevin had been his father Bob’s house when Bob was a kid. The family, including Kevin’s young daughter Samantha, have collected stories of dogs who could or at least thought they could read and fly, dog run-ins with skunks, and even an alleged poisoning incident.

Kevin Walsh, who earlier published a book about donating bone marrow to a boy he didn’t know, is a local sports and news broadcaster. He is promoting Follow the Dog Home in a number of ways, including through a Facebook page. The book starts shipping on Nov. 25 and can be pre-ordered here.

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