Electric car chargers could be headed to Wellesley’s Linden Square

Federal Realty, the property owner for Linden Square in Wellesley, has partnered with an outfit called Car Charging Group in an effort to install electric car charging stations across Federal Realty retail locations. In phase one of the project, Level II, 240-volt car charging stations will be installed in Maryland, Virginia and California. These stations will work with smartphone apps, offer reservations and “flexible payment options.”

Linden Square would be a “very logical location” for a later rollout, says Federal Realty’s Mike Kelleher. “The cost is nominal,” he says.

Whole Foods Market in Wellesley offers a car charging station free of use, and that’s the only publicly available car charging station in town that we’ve uncovered. We wrote earlier this year about one Wellesley family that uses it.