Old Wellesley High School won’t implode

Wellesley Celebrates Education rolled out a series of excellent events to commemorate the closing of the current Wellesley High School building and has more in store for celebrating the opening of the new Wellesley High School next year. But we wondered if the ultimate spectacle — an implosion of the 1938 building — might be in store.

Nope. It’s being abated first (to address asbestos and other such things), then dismantled in an orderly way, followed by construction of the parking lot  and a wrap-up of site elements, according to School Committee chair Suzy Littlefield.  Demolition is slated for completion next summer and paving over the remains by December 2012. Artifacts from the 1938 building will be housed in a room off the library in the new school building.

Have only been to 1 implosion in my life, the Travelers building in Boston in the late 1980s. And yep, it’s on youtube: