Wellesley beavers killed off

Pretty wild story in the Wellesley Local Town Pages (you have to kind of scroll around to locate the story) about the Wellesley Health Department, DPW and Natural Resources Commission joining forces with a business to kill off some beavers whose dam or dams caused flooding in neighborhoods near the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility.

A business called Beaver Solutions was called in to determine whether the beavers, their dams and residents could coexist if the company installed a flow device to keep the water from flooding neighboring homes and yards, but it was determined that they could not coexist. The article quotes NRC director Janet Hartke Bowser saying that she doesn’t ever recall beavers causing such troubles in Wellesley during her 14 years on the job. Though beavers have had their run-ins with neighbors in Needham, Natick and other nearby towns.

(Fun fact: Babson College’s sports team nickname is the Beavers.)