Wellesley’s LINX program gobbles up Needham movement/arts center

LINX, the Wellesley-based business on Linden Street that offers performing arts, science, language and other programs for kids through age 14, has bought out Bright Horizons’ Creative Movement and Arts Center in Needham. The program got too big for Bright Horizons to handle, so LINX will add CMAC programs to its mix.

LINX’s Joseph Kahn says the Needham facility will remain open and offer its full slate of programming (prices should remain the same), though some CMAC programs might be added at Wellesley next year.

“CMAC specializes in programming for children from birth to 7 years old. LINX offers programming primarily from 3 to 12 with a small number of under 3 programming and the majority between 6 and 11, so they are very complementary,” Kahn says.

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