Wellesley residents on screen in new Lifetime TV movie “Sexting in Suburbia”

Sexting in Suburbia is coming to your home in the form of a new Lifetime movie.  The modern cautionary tale is executive produced by Wellesley resident Mark DeAngelis, who also has a cameo as a limo driver.  Appearing as the boys in the band in a party scene are Wellesley teens Billy Behman, Matt DeAngelis, Tommy DeAngelis, and Andrew Segall.  In real life, the teens rock it under the band name, No Left Turn.
The trailer educates us all about the first rule of sexting, “You don’t show your face.”  Hmm, might there be other preliminary rules that could keep us out of trouble?
You can catch Sexting in Suburbia on Lifetime on Saturday, 1/14, 8:00 p.m. (not that there’s a football game going on then or anything) and midnight; and Sunday, 1/15, 6:00 pm.