Wellesley’s Rockland Street bridge about to close down for months

wellesley ma rockland bridge sidewalk conduits july 2011

If you wanna take a last nostalgic drive or walk across the Rockland Street bridge in Wellesley, you better hurry. It’s closing down by this Friday, Jan. 6 Jan. 13, according to new info from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (What could possibly go wrong with doing on on Friday the 13th?).

The bridge, which crosses high above the railroad tracks, is expected to be destroyed next week and be replaced by September under a $1.9 million construction contract. A temporary bridge that’s already being constructed will allow for pedestrian traffic while the new permanent bridge is being built. The new bridge deck will be raised 5.2 inches to provide a 17-foot 9-inch clearance over the RR tracks. The bridge deck will widened by 4 feet to a total of 24.5 feet for vehicles and two 6-foot sidewalks will be included.

This all of course means the Kingsbury Street bridge is going to get real busy.

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