Roosters, haircuts for Men Men Men, coming to Wellesley

Roosters Wellesley

A men’s grooming/haircut business called Roosters is coming soon to Linden Square in Wellesley on the Roche Bros. side of the street alongside French Lessons, Divine Kitchens, etc. From the Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers website, you can see the outfit’s focus is strictly on men, men, men and boys. Among the services, a scary sounding 7-step facial shave. Roosters has some 50 franchises around the country, including many in Colorado and Texas, though none listed in Massachusetts. The first Roosters opened in Michigan in 1999.

Roosters’ emergence should provide competition most directly to the Linden Street Barber Shop, which opened recently at 153 Linden St., where Larry’s Barber Shop used to be.

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