Home, car break-ins keep Wellesley Police busy

Wellesley Police Department is investigating a home break-in  on Washington Street in Wellesley Hills that occurred on  March 14.  WPD was alerted to a broken window at the residence by a passerby around 3pm, and determined the break-in took place between 9am-2pm via forced entry.  The home owner, who was away during the day, reported that some items of value were removed from a bedroom.

Separately,  four residents from the Bates School area reported thefts from their cars during the overnight hours on March 8.  Residents from Ingersoll, Woodland, Pilgrim and Cleveland Roads all reported thefts.  In each case, the vehicle was parked in a driveway, and unlocked.  GPS units and IPods were stolen.

On March 9, two commuters parked in the Tailby lot (Linden Street at the Wellesley Square MBTA station)  reported motor vehicle break-ins despite the vehicles being locked.  Passenger side windows were broken; a GPS and bag were swiped, sometime between 9-11am.