What if you drop your new iPad in the toilet in Wellesley?

If you were one of those cra.. , we mean enthusiastic people lined up to get a new iPad today when they went on sale, or have preordered one from Apple, you might want to be aware that there is a newish business in town called Gadgetworx at 298 Washington St., in Wellesley that’s sharing a storefront with iCopy next to the Maugus Restaurant. Gadgetworx says it specializes in fixing iPads, iPhones, plus other smartphones, tablets and gaming systems.

A manager from the business reached out to us last month to alert us to their existence in the wake of a Boston Globe story that discussed the booming business in iPhone repairs. We sent back a bunch of questions to Gadgetworx  several times (such as: Why would we trust you with a device holding our personal information? What sort of relationship do you have with Apple? Do you touch jailbroken devices? What are the craziest and most common issues you’ve had to deal with?), but never saw any response. We have not been in the shop or used their services.

Research has shown that Wellesley residents have a higher percentage of Apple products than the average person. Anecdotally, from what I’ve seen, more kids in town seem to have them than have baseball gloves.