Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club awards $70K for good causes

The Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club announced this week it has awarded $70K divvied into 38 grants for educational, civic, healthcare and elder organizations in Wellesley and metrowest.

Its largest grant, of $9,500, went to Wellesley Public Schools to fund an anti-bullying program across the elementary schools. Part of a two-year grant totaling $17,500, the grant brings author and anti-bullying Stan Davis to the Wellesley school system to work with students, staff and parents.

A separate grant of $2,500 goes to Springwell to help fund its home-delivered meals program in Wellesley.  The program will provide nearly 5,000 meals this year to homebound Wellesley seniors.  Springwell is a private non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services to seniors so that they may live independently in their homes.

The Wellesley Recreation Department was awarded two grants totaling $3,500.  A $2,500 grant was awarded to help fund the Recreation Department’s Scholarship Fund for summer camps.  This fund typically grants scholarships to approximately 32 Wellesley children each year, answering the needs of Wellesley families who cannot afford the entire cost of the Recreation Department’s summer camps.  The second grant awarded was for $1,000 to help fund the Recreation Department’s summer concerts and special events.

Applications for next year’s grants will be accepted from November 1, 2012-February 1, 2013.  For more information on donations, please contact Kathy Barron, WHJWC Donations Chair, at juniorsdonations@yahoo.com.

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