Updated: Car plows into Wellesley bakery storefront

Quebrada car crash Wellesley Hills July 2012A scary sight Sunday morning in Wellesley as a driver hit the gas instead of the brake and plowed through the front of the crowded Quebrada bakery  at 272 Washington St., in Wellesley Hills.

The incident, which attracted a couple of fire engines and oodles of police and onlookers, wiped out at least 1 bike but fortunately didn’t result in any serious injuries. Bystanders speculated that if the car had hit a beam to the right, it could have caused significant structural damage to the building, and one fire department official opined that higher curbing could be used at the strip of stores. Quebrada employees huddled outside the shop, relieved to have escaped serious injury.

One reader wrote to say her son and 2 friends, along with a nurse, had been in the spot that the car smashed into just moments before the incident.

2012 wellesley quebrada car crash july2012 quebrada car crash julyThis isn’t the first time a driver has attempted to make his or her own drive-thru window at this strip of stores, as a car went through the old Eaton Apothecary (now Walgreens) front window years ago.

Earlier this month, a driver fell asleep and crashed into a gas pump at Larry Ng’s Citgo gas station across Rte. 16 from where today’s bakery crash took place.

More from Wellesley Police here.