Mad knitter strikes Wellesley!!!

knit graffiti wellesley college
Photo by Deborah Brown

Whether you call it knit graffiti, guerilla knitting, or yarn bombing, it’s shown up in Wellesley.

According to Wikipedia, the artsy-craftsy phenomenon started in Houston, and the graffiti, which knitters wrap around public architecture such as lamp posts, parking meters, or in this case, a stop sign, started as a cozy way to bring a hearth and home activity out into the streets.

We found this example near Wellesley College, which made us wonder if there was a feminist twist to it all. Sure enough, according to Sarah Gonzalez, a film maker putting together a documentary about the activity (see the trailer at, some yarn bombers use their activities to acknowledge knitting as woman’s work that they have taken out of the parlor and thrust into the public domain.

Is that what this anonymous local folk artist has been up to along the Charles River, too?

wellesley river art
Photo by Deborah Brown

 UPDATE: And more knitting infiltrates woods of Wellesley College….