Making Wellesley more Cell-esley

DAS WellesleyIn case you haven’t seen, he Wellesley Municipal Light Plant has issued the following update regarding efforts to boost cellphone reception in town via Distributed Antenna System devices, like the one seen on the utility pole in this picture:

The WMLP would like to provide its customers with an update on the ongoing Distributed Antenna System (“DAS”) project. The WMLP has received bids and is approximately 2 weeks ahead of schedule for evaluating RFP responses. While the revenue to support this installation appears to be much less than anticipated, each bid received will establish comprehensive cellular coverage throughout the Town of Wellesley. The WMLP will be interviewing the finalists on October 31 and after the winning bid is selected, the WMLP staff will make a recommendation to the Municipal Light Board (“Board”). After receiving the recommendation from the staff, the Board will then reevaluate the costs, benefits and viability of installing DAS in Wellesley.

If you have and questions, or would like any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Trevor Criswell

Energy Services and Planning Manager

Wellesley Municipal Light Plant

2 Municipal Way

Wellesley, MA 02481

(781) 235-7600 ex. 3374


Reader JF, who called the note to our attention, writes: “I would think that adding cellular coverage in Wellesley would be in everyone’s best interest. It’s especially important in terms of emergency management. ”
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